SK hi-tech battery materials Poland – the new Patron of the festival!

26 August 2021

We are pleased to inform that SK hi-tech battery materials Poland has become a Patron of the Michał Spisak International Festival! Our cooperation is a perfect example of how to achieve the goals of corporate social responsibility. We are proud to be a partner of a global giant in global electromobility. 

During a working meeting in the Zagłębie Palace of Culture involving representatives of SK hi-tech battery materials Poland, city authorities and representatives of the Zagłębie Palace of Culture, all participants expressed their deep conviction about the benefits of mutual cooperation.  Sangmin Cho, Leader of Planning and Service Group, emphasized the fact that everyone present at the meeting shares the same goal, which is to promote and support culture. We strongly believe that the Festival opens our long-term cooperation, which will be an opportunity for mutual cultural exchange.

SK hi-tech battery materials Poland has been present in the business environment of Dąbrowa Górnicza since 2018, when a plot of land was purchased in the Katowice Special Economic Zone located in Tucznawa, and the construction of the first production plant began. The company operating in the energy and materials industry mainly specialises in manufacturing separators for lithium ion batteries, i.e. the key material of batteries placed between the positive and negative battery electrode in the form of a thin film which prevents defective operation, such as explosion or ignition, as well as high added-value product which impacts the battery efficiency and stability. The company’s activity is a response to the growing market need for electric car batteries. Therefore, it has become part of the global trend, which is an increasingly higher popularity of innovative means of transport.

Thanks to these investments, not only has Dąbrowa Górnicza become a strategic point on the map of the global market of modern technologies, but it has also gained a significant support in the field of social activities, education, regional growth and environmental protection. Since the beginning of its presence in our city, SK Group has been involved with corporate social responsibility activities intended to solve the main causes of social problems and establish a sustainable social ecosystem in which disadvantaged persons may achieve a stable standard of living. SK thinks that satisfaction of their stakeholders is one of the most important business values. The company has also supported the activity of Fundacja „Godne Życie” (Dignified Life Foundation) for many years.

The 3rd and 4th production plant in our city are planned to be constructed in the third quarter of 2021. Thanks to it, the factory in Dąbrowa Górnicza will become the company’s biggest investment in the world.

Photo report from signing a cooperation agreement (Photo by Marek Wesołowski).

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