*In the second stage, it is allowed to play the piece ‘Movimento Rapsodico’ by Krzysztof Meyer from
the sheet music. All other pieces have to be performed from memory.

First stage, three pieces:
1. Eric Schmidt Etude no. 6 from the set of Six Etudes (publisher: Éditions Alphonse Leduc)
2. any complete sonata by François-Joseph Naderman from the set of Sept Sonates progressives
(publisher: Éditions Alphonse Leduc)
3. one piece chosen by the participant

Second stage, free, a stylistically diverse recital (40-45 minutes) mandatorily including:
1. Nino Rota Sarabanda e Toccata (publisher: Ricordi)
2. Krzysztof Meyer Movimento rapsodico (publisher: Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski,

Third stage, one piece with the orchestra:
1. Reinhold Glière Concerto in E-flat major op. 74 (publisher: Lyra)

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